Discovering Rome

Our beautiful capital city has a lot to offer! Whether you are alone, with friends or family, you will always find something to do.

Monuments to see in Rome:

- Colosseum: one of the symbols of Rome, an amphitheater built in 80 AD to host gladiatorial games and animal hunts.

- Trevi Fountain: one of the most famous fountains in the world, located in central Rome, built in the 18th century with a spectacular waterfall and Baroque statues.

- The Pantheon: a Roman building dating back to 27 B.C., famous for its domed architecture and for housing the tomb of Raphael Sanzio.

Attractions of Rome:

-The Vatican: the Pope's city-state, with its museum and the Sistine Chapel, famous for its frescoes by Michelangelo.

- Piazza Navona: one of Rome's most beautiful squares, with its famous Fountain of the Four Rivers and the street performers who perform there.

- Trastevere: a neighborhood of Rome famous for its nightlife, cobblestone streets, and quaint restaurants and bars.

Bars and restaurants in Rome:

-Molino: bakery, pizza and kitchen

-Osteria da fortunata: typical Roman cuisine

-Da Sora Lella: cellar and traditional restaurant

-Venchi: chocolate shop